Given the sheer size of the development and the number of developers set to be involved, Palm Jebel Ali payment plans on offer are set to be rather diverse.

This variety ensures that potential buyers will have a broad range of payment plan options that best suit their financial circumstances.  It is also important to note that payment plans are influenced by various factors including economic conditions and so forth. As a result, the type of available Palm Jebel Ali Payment plans will also change over time.


As of early 2024 projects released include two collections of luxury villa projects by Nakheel. These are the first Palm Jebel Ali Villas to be released and came with the following patent plan schedule.

The payment plan breakdown for these is as follows:

  • 20% Downpayment
  • 10% 3 Months After Booking
  • 10% 7 Months After Booking
  • 10% 13 Months After Booking
  • 10% 19 Months After Booking
  • 10% 25 Months After Booking
  • 10% 31 Months After Booking
  • 20% On Handover

This type of payment plan is often referred to as 80/20% with 80% representing the percentage to be paid during the construction period and 20% representing the percentage to be paid at completion.

palm jebel ali payment plan faq’s

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan is a schedule of payments payable by the buyer towards the purchase of a property. A typical payment plan usually involves an initial down payment, followed by stage payments throughout the construction period and finally a final payment paid at project completion.  

Will all Palm Jebel Ali properties come with a payment plan?

Yes, all projects being sold as off-plan will come with a payment plan. The structure of these will vary from project to project and between different developers.

will there be post-handover payment plans available in palm jebel ali?

Considering the size and scale of the Palm Jebel Ali development it is likely that there will be some projects that do in fact come with a post-handover payment plan.

Can a payment plan be changed?

Whether or not a payment plan can be changed will vary on several factors including the project and developer in question. Although changing payment plans is not often allowed it can happen under a particular set of circumstances.

What payment plans are available for palm jebel ali projects?

Payment plans available for Palm Jebel Ali projects include a number of options. These are subject to change and will vary from one project to the next.