Palm Jebel Ali – FAQ | Everything You Need To Know in 2024

Welcome to our FAQ page dedicated to Palm Jebel Ali by Nakheel. Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions designed to provide insights and essential information about this iconic development. Whether you’re a prospective buyer, investor, or simply interested in learning more about this vibrant community, our FAQs cover everything from property features and amenities to purchase processes and community guidelines. Explore the answers below to get acquainted with Palm Jebel Ali and discover why it is one of Dubai’s most sought-after destinations.

What Amenities will be available?

Palm Jebel Ali will feature top-tier, hotel-like amenities. State-of-the-art fitness centres, resort-style swimming pools, lush landscaped parks, and pretty much any convenience imaginable.

Palm Jebel Ali property price?

Property prices in Palm Jebel Ali will vary depending on the property type with small apartments representing the cheapest property type available.

does anyone live on Palm Jebel Ali?

No, there isn’t anyone currently living on the Palm Jebel Ali. This is a project in its early stages of development so is not habitable just yet.

Will all properties come with beach access?

Due to the sheer number of projects it is unlikely that all projects will have beach access. With that said due to the nature of the development a beach will never be more than a couple of 100 meters from any given development.

Palm Jebel Ali Villas

When Is The Expected Completion Date For Palm Jebel Ali?

The expected completion date for the Palm Jebel Ali Project is likely to be at some stage during the 2040’s. Whilst the project will be functional and liveable well before this date the sheer scale of the project means it is one that will still be developed in 20 years to come.

What Types Of Properties Are Available In Palm Jebel Ali?

Residential properties available on the palm will include a mix of villas, townhouses, and apartments developed by a broad range of real estate developers expected to be involved.

How Big Is The Palm Jebel Ali?

Standing at twice the size of the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali is set on 13.4 square kilometres of land. It has the longest coastline of any destination in Dubai, adding a staggering total of 91 kilometres of beachfront.

How to invest in Palm Jebel Ali

Investing in Palm Jebel Ali can be done by purchasing a property within the development. This can be done by buying directly from Nakheel through the help of an authorised real estate agent.

Who is the master developer?

The master developer is Nakheel. As part of this role, Nakheel is responsible for everything from infrastructure development to the overall maintenance of the entire community.

Who Can Buy Property on the Palm Jebel Ali?

Being a freehold area means that anyone can buy property in Palm Jebel Ali. This includes both Dubai and UAE residents as well as non-residents from anywhere in the world.

Can you visit the Palm Jebel Ali?

No, public access to the island is not permitted. Only authorised personnel and workers are allowed access.

is palm jebel ali built?

The Plam Jebel Ali island is built but not developed. At this stage, it does not contain any infrastructure or usable buildings.

Where Is The Palm Jebel Ali Located?

Palm Jebel Ali is positioned between Port Jebel Ali and the Jebel Ali Marine Sanctuary. It is connected to other areas of Dubai via the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) meaning key areas such as Dubai Marina are less than 30 minutes away.

how can I purchase a property on the palm Jebel ali?

To purchase a property simply leave your details on the contact form contained within this page. An authorised agent will then be in touch and advise of the booking process.

Is Palm Jebel Ali a freehold area?

Yes, Palm Jebel Ali is a freehold area. This means all residents and buyers from all around the world have the opportunity to buy and eventually live on the island.

Is Palm Jebel Ali a good investment opportunity?

Yes, the Palm Jebel Ali is a great investment opportunity. Investors who buy early on in the development phase will undoubtedly be rewarded as the development starts to take shape. Palm Jumeirah is a perfect real-life and relatable example of this.

What is the payment plan for Palm Jebel Ali?

The Palm Jebel Ali Payment plan will vary from project to project. Please see individual developments for complete details.

Where can i get the Palm Jebel Ali Brochure?

Please see: Palm Jebel Ali Brochure page for download options.