Palm Jebel Ali Completion Update: 2024 Update

As of mid-2024, there is no definitive completion date set for the overall Palm Jebel Ali development.

The vast scale and extensive scope of this ambitious project, encompassing numerous distinct developments across the island, make it challenging to pinpoint an exact overall completion timeline. Each phase and sector within this expansive development is subject to its unique schedule, influenced by its location and role within the overall development.

Completion Date by Project

Project NameEstimated Completion Date
Coral Villas by NakheelMarch 2027
Beach Villas by NakheelMarch 2027

Progress on Main Infrastructure

Whilst full completion is some time away the opposite is true for the primary infrastructure components of Palm Jebel Ali. The main road network, essential utilities, and public amenities are on track, with significant portions expected to be completed by the time the first residences are ready for handover. These foundational elements are crucial for the functionality of the community and will facilitate the further development of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities.

Ongoing Development

Similar to Palm Jumeirah, which continues to see new projects and enhancements long after becoming operational, Palm Jebel Ali is designed to evolve. While the main infrastructure will be developed and operational early on, individual developments and attractions will continue to be rolled out over time.

Palm Jebel Ali Completion Date FAQs

What is the Palm Jebel Ali Completion Date?

There is no official completion date for the Palm Jebel Ali. Each project being developed will have its own date of completion.

What will be the first projects to be completed on Palm Jebel ali?

The first projects to be completed on Palm Jebel Ali will be the Coral and Beach Villas by Nakheel.